Kawasaki triples CDI ignitions


Summary of pickups

Detailed model information

Summary of the different pickup systems

There are four main versions of stock CDI ignitions used on the Kawasaki triples. Most of them are interchangable between the bikes if the COMPLETE charging/ignition system is used.

With regards to the pickup side there are two groups of ignition systems on the Kawasaki triples.

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Detailed CDI Information

H2 and H1D

H2 Schematic


Late H1 ignition

Late H1 500 1974-1976 consists of a pickup feeding a CDI unit giving three pulses per revolution.

Late H1 Schematic

Info from Falconman:

I have pics of all the signals and the voltage levels written down somewhere. Here is the pickup signal on a late H1, it is about 2 Vpp.

The signal stayed almost the same from idle to about 4500 rpm. That's as far as I went with it.

I do remember the voltage from the stator to the cdi was a little over 300 V and the voltage to the primary side of the coil was about 300v as well. There is some loss going thru the "low voltage distributor" (rotor).

Here are the signals (taken at idle on late H1) for the stator output to cdi unit (cdi_scope005) and from cdi to coil primary (cdi_scope006). I will look for the voltage readings and send them when I find them.

Boyer Bransden

Boyer Bransden schematic. Actual pickup resistance was measured at 95 ohm.

Boyer Bransden Schematic

Picture of the Boyer System mounted on a S2 350 stator/rotor assembly. Note! It is not possible to mount the Boyer system directly on an H1 with points system. You have to use the rotor and stator from an S2, for instance.

Signal from the Boyer pickup at idle. It is about 1 V peak to peak.

Click here to show Oscilloscope readings of signals at the pickups and coils. This shows that the Boyer system doesn't have any advance or retard.